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Your Practice at the Top of Google Search Results | Dental Marketing

We are dental marketing professionals, and we focus our efforts on helping practices like yours to reach the top of relevant search result listings for dentistry. We provide expert SEO and marketing packages that are guaranteed to increase revenue, promote brand awareness, and ensure you blow those competitors out of the water. Our team can assist your practice in competing for the most valuable dental keywords and guaranteeing potential patients always encounter your brand first.

Driving new and relevant patient traffic to your website every single day.

Call tracking and reporting on new patient leads.

Beating the competition through innovative and creative marketing and SEO campaigns.

What are The DPO Local Packages?

Every DPO Local package provides your practice with an expertly designed online dentist marketing formula. By collecting online web data from the entire United States, our team can ensure that we make dental marketing decisions that are data driven. We know what your potential patients are looking for, allowing us to attack specifically targeted keywords to get new patient leads. Since 1994, we have exclusively worked with dental practices, allowing you to be rest assured that our team works towards a common goal: Increased Production for your practice!

Dentist Website Package

Do you want a full-featured website that is affordable, looks great, and performs even better? Many website companies have large upfront fees to get you started. DPO Local makes it easy with one low monthly payment, No Set-Up Fees, and most importantly, a website that increases your Local and Organic SEO performance online rather than limit it. That's why choosing DPO Local makes sense to develop your next website. Dental is all we do! Our Dentist websites are proven to create more new patient leads. Your website will be using the latest and best SEO practices. After the initial design is complete, each page is then optimized and customized to represent all the dental services you offer at your practice.


Services Include
  • • NO Set-Up Fees
  • • Exclusivity - One Dentist Per Area
  • • SEO/Keyword Optimized
  • • Domain Included
  • • Responsive Design
  • • Mobile Compatible
  • Social Media Integration
  • • Custom Content
  • • All Necessary Graphics & Pictures
  • • Smile Gallery
  • • Video Integration
  • • Analytics & Call Reporting
  • • Initial Staff Training
  • • Optional New Patient Special Offers
  • • Flat Monthly Fee - No Surprises
  • • Advance Firewall - Secure Server
  • • Complete Transparency
  • • Month to Month - Cancel Anytime
Dentist SEO Package

Organic and Local SEO is a fight for a few keyword positions that can mean the difference between lots of patient leads and poor results. You need a partner who understands dentistry and knows how to fight for top keywords that create production for your practice. Dental SEO is our passion. DPO Local puts your dental practice in front of potential dental patients searching online everyday. We only work with one dentist per area, so all of our efforts are in your domination of every important dental keyword for both maps and organic listings. Dental is all we do. We understand dentistry and what the goals are to build a practice since 1994. Our SEO experts customize a plan for your office and we implement a strategy to get you top listing on Google for the most important keywords fast. Once we have the top position, we do everything monthly possible to fight off competitor dentists trying to take your spot. Call us to for a FREE SEO ANALYSIS today.

Services Include
  • • Customized Local & Organic SEO Strategy
  • • Competitive Analysis
  • • New Or Existing Website Optimization
  • • Local SEO - Google Maps, Apple Maps, Top Directories
  • • Mobile Search Optimized
  • • Full Citation Audits
  • • Local Citations Building
  • • Rich Photo Citations
  • • Rich Video Citations
  • • Social Citations
  • • Natural Link Building Strategy
  • • High Content Standards
  • • Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Management
  • • Call Tracking & Reporting
  • • Custom Blog
  • • Press Release & Distribution
  • • Powerful Diversity Links
  • • Top Geo Targeted DENTIST Keywords
  • • Plus Keywords targeting your best Dental Services
  • • Complete Transparency
  • • Month to Month - Cancel Anytime
PPC Management Package

PPC tends to favor larger national companies. So you need experts in Dental PPC who understand how manage smaller local budgets or your campaign can suffer by being to expensive or not working efficiently. We are experts at PPC and Dental Marketing is all we do since 1994! We are Google Partners and Beta Testers so we understand through years of experience what campaigns work best for driving new patient leads to your door. And once your Dental campaigns are set up and driving leads, we spend the time necessary every week analyzing and testing your campaigns to make sure that they are performing optimally. PPC is tricky. We are experts at targeting new patient leads and maximizing your monthly budget.

Services Include
  • • NO Set-Up Fees
  • • Exclusivity - One Dentist Per Area
  • • Keyword Discovery and Selection
  • • Ad Text Creation
  • • Landing Page Optimization
  • • Conversion Tracking
  • • Call Tracking
  • • Ad Submission
  • • PPC Monitoring
  • • PPC Cost Management
  • • Campaign Improvement Modification
  • • Competitive Research
  • • Flat Monthly Fee - No Surprises
  • • Complete Transparency
  • • Month to Month - Cancel Anytime

DPO Local will make it easy for new patients to discover your dental practice online and get in touch to inquire about your services. Choose us this year, and we guarantee your business will benefit! Get in touch today for a free consultation and no-obligation quote.

Real-Time Tracking

At DPO Local, we understand that our clients want to track their progress and see the results we generate as they occur. That is why we now offer a real-time tracking dashboard to all dental practice owners using our services. That tool enables you to monitor our progress, track search engine rankings, and more.

What We Do For You:

    • We create a custom dashboard where you can view all the information relating to your practice and its performance in one place. That is the most straightforward way for clients to check their progress and assess our results.


    • We present our analytics in an easy-to-understand format that allows you to use the information to assist further growth and continue with your promotional efforts.


    • We track and record all incoming calls to your practice so you can use the information and sound files to advise your staff and improve in-house training.


  • We monitor and report on all PPC campaigns so you can judge our successes and see how many new patients encountered your brand during the course of our actions.
Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

Complete Online Dental Marketing Agency

Search Engine & Social Media Optimization Experts

Based on many years of data analytics, our team can guarantee effective marketing strategies.

Easy to read, all encompassing, and transparent dental marketing reports.

All our efforts and everything we create online for the promotion of your dental practice belongs to you.

We use citations to show search engines like Google exactly where people can find your practice.

Dental marketing plans built uniquely for each member dentist. No DPO Local campaign is ever the same.

All new clients are advised to take a look at testimonials published on this site from other dentistry practices if they have any concerns about the way in which DPO Local operates. During the last twenty years, our company has assisted thousands of dentistry professionals around the world to increase revenue and build a robust online presence. We can do the same thing for you!

To learn more about DPO Local and how we can help you to become more visible online while also boosting profits, just contact our team today to start the ball rolling. Our representatives will ask lots of questions about your practice before coming up with a suitable strategy and providing you with a free, no-obligation quote.

We look forward to working with you!

We create tailored dental ranking strategies that stand the test of time.